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We've Gone Quackers!

The ducks have landed and we've gone all quackers here in HQ!  If they took a life of their own I can imagine the Dr Marten Duck stomping around the office ordering us to work harder, prodding us with his beak and at 45cms high that's our knees, OUCH!

Duck (Dr) Marten Duck with wellies

Duck (Dr) Marten Duck with wellies

The Croc Duck Gang mooching around dragging their Croc clogs as they play under our  desks ....

Duck with colourful Crocs
Croc Duck

Whilst the Wellies Duck Gang enjoy a splish splash splosh in the large puddles of our carpark kicking up water in their Hunter, Le Chameau and Dubarry wellies ....

Duck with Le Chameau wellies
Le Chameau Duck
Duck wearing Hunter boots
Hunter Duck
Duck with Durberry boots
Duberry Duck

Great present for Mothers Day!  We've limited stocks of each design so get them while you can!   The delivery on these are quick, flying over to you within 48 hours of ordering.

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